About Us

Historical Auction Block (“HAB”) was born to fill a void in the collector market. HAB is committed to keeping the fees low and the restrictions to a minimum, allowing sellers to set the terms that work for them as individuals.


HAB founders decided that the time was right for there to be an online auction platform run by collectors for collectors. As other platforms moved to push their users to become uniformed big box sellers, many of the requirements were just not feasible for the “small guy” or part time seller/collector.


This is a new platform, and HAB welcomes your feedback. Please reach out with your ideas and constructive criticism, as the goal is to continue to make HAB a site that works for the collector.


Historical Auction Block supports the following:


  • The Ohio Valley Military Society (OVMS)

  • The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)

  • Military Collectors & Historians

  • The Orders and Medals Society of America

  • The American Association of Military Uniform Collectors

  • The US Militaria Forum

  • The Worldwide Militaria Forum