Historical Memorabilia

Memorabilia is an object that is treasured for its memories. Memorabilia are valued for a connection to a historical event, culture, or entertainment.

Some of the areas that fall into the Historical Memorabilia category are Astronauts and Space travel, Cities, Fairs, Architecture, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Fraternal Organizations, Gangsters, Political and many other items. Basically, any items that are related to an historical event fall into this category.

What items are collected?

Items that can be collected are badges, books, photographs, clothing and uniforms, autographs, Political campaign pins and posters, signs, plaques, maps just to name a few.

Why are these items collected?

People who have a personal connection to events collect these items because it helps them remember an event or person. Historians collect these items as they relate to there are of study. Others collect them because they want to own a piece of history.

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