What are Collectibles?

A collectible refers to an object that is worth far more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity, and sometimes more importantly its popularity.

The price for a particular collectible usually depends on the popularity, how many of the same items are available as well as its overall condition.

What types of collectibles are there?

Common categories of collectibles include antiques, toys, coins, comic books, and stamps. People who amass collectibles take a lot of time to collect them, and usually, store them in locations where they will not be ruined.

What makes a collectible valuable?

Rarity, popularity, and condition of a collectible also has a great deal to do with its price. Having a collectible that's in pristine condition means the price most likely would go up. If an item is poor condition, there's probably a good chance it won't be worth much—if anything at all.

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