What is Militaria Collecting?

Militaria, also known as military memorabilia, are military equipment which are collected for their historical significance. Such items include uniforms, swords, knives, bayonets, helmets and other equipment such as field gear, military orders and decorations, wings, patches, badges and insignia.

In addition, it can include items related to the home front or civilian organizations during war time. This can include posters, flags, photographs, magazines and papers.

Military collections can range from the smallest of objects (buttons from the Civil War) to the largest (tanks, planes and Jeeps). It's a fascinating area, combining history, politics, technology and more.

The most valuable of these objects are usually original/genuine, with some historical significance, and in good condition. Replica items can also fall in the category of militaria and are sometimes desirable when the original items are difficult to find.

There are also reenactors that collect only reproduction items to use at living history events.

Why collect militaria?

The origin of military collecting is as old as modern man, warriors have taken souvenirs for as long as there have been conflicts!

As with many collectibles, items can increase in value over time.  It can also be because of one’s own service or a family member. A simple love of history, artifacts, and there are limitless items to collect.

Where can you find items?

Militaria Collectibles can be found at yard sales, flea markets, antique shows, auctions and online. There are many clubs related to collecting that have specialized Military shows where dealers only sell military items.

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